Like many craft breweries, here at Desert Barn we believe that beer should be flavorful and refreshing. Who says you have to be limited when it comes to flavor, here we impart many flavors including coffee, toffee, honey, chocolate, even jalapeño and cactus to name a few. The days of sipping on bland beer is quickly coming to a halt with the rise in craft breweries popping up all over the country and Desert Barn is pleased to be part of the revolution.


The emphasis of a craft beer is the quality of the product rather than its mass production.

The key to creating truly unique beers is selecting only the best ingredients. The four base ingredients for every beer is barley, hops, yeast and of coarse water. In addition to the base ingredients, as craft brewers we have the natural born desire to impart pretty much anything under the sun to inject our own personal touch to the beers. We use grains from across the globe, hops grown in the Pacific Northwest and yeast created in a lab local to southern California to pair with the already great water quality here in Hesperia. Great beer requires great products, here we don’t skimp on either. In your glass, you can rest assured that we spared no expense in bringing to you only the best.



Whether you are stopping in with friends to watch the game, here with the family for a dinner and couple brews or just making a pit stop for a taster, we have the right option for you. We offer the following drink options:

  • Taster Flights (set of 4)
  • Individual Tasters (4oz)
  • Pints
  • Crowlers (16oz can)
  • Growlers Fill (32 and 64 ounce)
  • Keg Sales
  • Cocktails

Desert Barn Brewery